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Dog Kennel

Your furry friends deserve the best, so why not set them up with our Dog Kennel? It features an exterior mesh run that allows them to get plenty of fresh air, while the enclosed area protects them from weather. This model features our durable LP smart siding, so your pup will enjoy his home for years to come.

Dog Kennel

Size Options:

Small - (100 - 200 sq. ft.) Great for small yards, bikes, push mower, garden tools
10x16, 10x12, 12x16, 12x12

Medium - (200 - 300 sq. ft.) Ideal for riding mowers, wheelbarrows, bulky equipment, motorcycles, ATV, or office space.
10x20, 14x20, 12x24, 12x20

Large - (300 - 400 sq. ft.) Best for vehicles, lots of storage, oversized equipment, large woodshop, or office space.
12x32, 14x24, 12x28, 14x28

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